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Your concept is the foundation on which the design solutions are built; a palette to ensure style and feel, surface and material selection, graphic profile, and staff clothing, etc. Simply put, it is what is required to tie all the threads together to create a successful experience destination. Below, we present our process for achieving a successful outcome. 

Phase 1 - Concept

First, we conduct a thorough analysis of the market and local demand. Based on this, we produce your story, which should be describable in one sentence, a so-called "Five-Word Pitch."

Next, we create a unique palette, and based on this, we develop proposals for design, floor plans, and 3D views. Then, we present possible material choices, furniture and other furnishings, as well as logos, graphic profiles, color palettes, and mood boards.

Phase 2 - Project

Once you feel comfortable with the concept, we finalize all the details. Relevant materials are developed and confirmed.

We provide a quote for furniture, furnishings, machinery, and kitchen equipment. Prices are determined.

Phase 3 - Implementation

Our own carpenters are on site and install everything from fixtures to kitchen equipment and hardware. Furniture is produced in our factory according to the concept.

Finally, your destination is styled with relevant props from the basic palette to ensure a customer experience beyond the ordinary. 

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DSRG is a design studio that develops experience destinations in the hotel and restaurant industry.
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